Lord’s Calling

In the year 1998, the Lord called Pastor Vincent and Sis. Helen Vincent to do HIS Church Ministry, who then were eager to do Evangelical Ministry by surrendering their lives to the Lord, trusting Him and loving Him alone. As they were hesitant to do Church ministry, 2 years rolled bye. They submitted to the Lord’s will in the year 2000 and prepared themselves to do Church ministry.

The first door

Amidst the opposition and disheartening words which they feared about and were hesitant to enter Church ministry, they put forth Lord’s calling and prayed to start church ministry. On 23 rd of Sept. 2000, the Lord opened the first door and created King of Glory Church in Bishan.

A church with started with only 14 members. With the counsel of the Holy Spirit Pastor Vincent and Sis. Helen Vincent started building the ministry. The Lord himself brought in families. At the end of the 1 st year, the church grew to 70 member strength.

The Second Door

After completing 2 years in Bishan, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, we prayed for a new place. We prayed that the Lord change us as a “City on a Hill”. When we started our church in Bishan, the Lord said “I will keep you in hiding for 2 years and then I will reveal you”. We remembered that verse and prayed. Eventhough there were many hurdles, the Lord destroyed them and gave the same church which he had revealed through the servants of God. On ____ November 2002. the Lord gave us grace to shift King of Glory Church to “Little India”.

The Third Door

When we came to Little India, the Lord spoke of starting “Evening Service”. The Lord Himself opened this door because of the special love HE had for brothers who came to work from India to Singapore. As the ministry grew, struggle also aggravated. When the Evening Service newly started, there were many days when Pastor suffered Physical Ailments by the evil spirits. As per the verse “My strength is made perfect in your weakness”, he submitted himself to the Lord’s will. Seeing that submissiveness, Lord blessed the Church. The number of souls started increasing.

Evangelical Meetings

Every year, the Lord blessed us to hold special “Evangelical Meetings” in the church. Many ‘Servants of God’ who were used by the Lord ministered in our 3 days Evangelical meetings. Many were blessed and new souls started coming in. The Lord blessedly used His Ministers like Pastor Yesanna (Hosanna Ministries-Andhra), Pastor Rathnam Paul (Fort of Praise-India), Bro. Mohan C Lazarus (Jesus Redeems-India), Bro. Sam Jebadurai (Antantulla Appam-India), Bro. John Solomon(Miracle Ministries-India) in King of Glory Church.

3 days Fasting Prayer (Chinese New Year)

The Lord gave us grace to fast and pray as a Church every year, during the 3 day Chinese New Year holidays. It started with 60 members in 2002, and now more than 250 members are taking part and are receiving the Lords’ blessings with signs and wonders. This 3 day fasting prayer has filled many lives with God’s glory and miracles. Praise and honour be to Him alone.

40 days fasting prayer (March-April)

In the year 2006, we started praying as a small group fasting for 40 days. As how it is always, it was a simple start. As weeks passed, the presence of the Lord started attracting people. When He brings, who can stop it? At the end of 30 days, they themselves started coming eagerly. Towards the end of 40 days, on the day of Easter, during the “Miracle Meeting”, the Lord revealed Himself mightily. The Lord performed signs of miracles through Pastor Vincent and Sis. Helen. In the years that followed. The Lord’s love filled each and everyone that people yearned for the 40 days of Fasting Prayer.

Soul Winning Ministry

Pastor Vincent is a person who does ministry with a thirst to plead for souls, Singapore should somehow know Jesus and more importantly the Indian community should become blessed. Training is needed to do “Individual Ministry”. The Lord Himself made this prosper.

In May 2006, beloved Bro. Mohan C Lazarus came with his team and conducted the “Soul Winning Camp” for 3 days. Believers from many churches took part in this camp. The Lord gave everyone the thirst to do ministry. After that training, brothers divide themselves into separate groups and go out to reach souls who do not know about the Lord and preach the gospel. The Lord has given mercy to preach the sacrifice of the Lord on the cross and also about the remission of sins to more than 1000 souls. Many took part in the church worship. Many came to know of the Lord, dedicated their lives to the Lord and accepted Baptism. Glory be to God.

All Night Prayer

On the 2 nd Friday of every month, the All Night prayer is held. To fall at the Lord’s feet and pray and to receive the hindered blessings, this prayer helps. The special blessings that this prayer brings can be understood from the testimonies that the Lord raises. I thank the Lord a million times for the numerous miracles He has done in work related areas, getting P.R approvals and also delivering people from the bondage of Satan.

Monthly Fasting Prayer

The Lord initiated this prayer for the first Saturday of every month, bringing the church to fast and pray together. Before the inception of KOG, Pastor Vincent and Sis. Helen were conducting this prayer in other churches. After the birth of King of Glory, this prayer is conducted in the church. To know the Will of God in the lives of many, to get the Word of God through prophesy, this prayer is very useful.

Family Blessing Prayer

The Ladies fellowship ministry that started in 2001, by the Lord’s counsel changed into a time of ‘Family Fellowship’ in 2008. A prayer of blessing with the counsel of the Lord for a family to be built, to understand each other amidst the minor problems that arise in the family, to successfully lead the God given family life with the love of God is being conducted. Seeing the hand of the Lord working in families, we praise the mighty name of the Lord.

Sunday School Ministry

To create future ministers of God, the “Sunday School” is being conducted. Sunday school teachers perform their ministry by praising the Lord and imparting God’s love in the children. During the various competitions that were held among the Sunday Schools of Singapore in the year 2007, children from King of Glory church also participated. The Lord graciously gave mercy for KOG to bag the “Rolling Trophy”. Let praise and honour be to the Lord who gave us the wisdom and mercy.